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Giants Week 17 Recap: Giants finish business, but Doug Pederson and the Eagles had other plans

How dare I root for the Philadelphia Eagles. How ugly of me. Why would I allow the Eagles to take up so much real estate in my head after a wonderful week 17 win by the Giants. I mean, Doug Pederson, you're kidding, right? You have the audacity to bench the future of your franchise for Nate Sudfeld? You want to "assess your quarterback situation?" You are just dandy with Hurts! Wentz is who you need to figure out. You want to try out Nate Sudfeld, in the last quarter of the season? I hope the NFL comes down and punish the hell of him and the Eagles because that was embarrassing to not only the team and the NFC East but the integrity of the NFL.

Jalen Hurts was playing just fine and scored the Eagles only points. You can say he was "protecting him" in a "meaningless game", but Pederson wanted no part of winning. He was done and showed the world he did not care to be a spoiler. What the Eagles did tonight was embarrassing. I feel awful for the players in that organization. How do you disrespect the vets that helped you win a Super Bowl? That was disgusting and that was shameful. Doug Pederson gave up on his guys and showed the world his awful colors.

In the fourth quarter, they ripped out the hearts of all Giants fans, purposely losing the game to the Washington Football Team, the franchise with no name. They head to the playoffs, while the Giants head home.

Sigh... why did I get my hopes up? A lot was needed to make it to the playoffs, but the Giants did their part. It was a disappointing season, and the expectations were low, but the Giants were so so close. They rallied until the very end, but their season ends today. Let's at least highlight today's performance.

A lot was needed, but the Giants did their part. Let's take a look at how the Giants defeated their division foe. It wasn't a pretty game, but New York came out on top.


Photo: New York Giants, Twitter

Daniel Jones played well and looked smooth and mobile even with concerns about his ankle. He went 17-for-25 with two touchdowns to Sterling Shepard. Nice to hear his name, huh? Shepard had two TD's all season. He ended the game with 8 catches for 112 yards. Jones did have a pick, but it truly wasn't his fault. You could credit that to pro-bowler Evan Engram, who bobbled a ball that was thrown perfectly in his hands but ended up in the hands of Cowboys Donovan Wilson. Other than that, the offense looked efficient and improved from the duds they produced prior weeks.

The defense did their job and there were some notable performances all around. Tae Crowder had 11 total tackles. Blake Martinez added 11 as well, including a sack on Dalton and a tackle for loss. Leonard Williams was the MVP of the game and deserves NFC Defensive Player of the Week, All-Pro honors, and a new contract with the Giants. Today he had seven tackles, three sacks, and hit the quarterback five times. He finished the season with 11 1/2 sacks. Dalton and the Dallas offense had just 34 total yards midway through the second quarter but began moving the ball just before halftime. The defense countered with six sacks, which was just what the doctor ordered to defeat the Cowboys.

It was a close battle, but the Giants were determined to win. It came down to the wire. That was until about a minute left when Xavier McKinney sealed the deal with his first career interception in the endzone. The Giants needed to run out the clock and hold up their end of the bargain. It didn't come easy, especially with a Wayne Gallman fumble-then-butt-recovery.

"I'm sorry I caused drama," Gallman said. Neither here nor there, the Giants topped the Cowboys, 23-19.


What's Next?

Cry? I don't know. I'll start working on my Giants offseason plan. Dave Gettleman, you're gone! Jason Garrett, don't get too comfortable either. Offseason starts today. That's all she wrote. Doug Pederson... this won't be the last laugh.


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