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Hamilton at PPAC, a show that did not disappoint!

An underrated past time that was put on pause due to COVID was going to the theatre. An underrated fact about me is I love going to the theatre. Living in Providence, we are very fortunate to have the incredible Providence Performing Arts Center in our presence. It truly is a timeless classic.

It was announced at the end of the summer that Broadway was opening back up, and the Hamilton tour was set to return. When the tickets came available back in August, I knew I was not going to miss this. Hamilton is obviously one of the all time greats. (RENT, Wicked, Jersey Boys, West Side Story, Hamilton - No Questions At This Time...)

Lin-Manuel Miranda portrayed history like never before, and Alexander Hamilton became a household name. It's one of the only shows I have listened to the entire soundtrack prior to seeing, as well as watching the Disney+ viewing multiple times.

After a few months of waiting, it was finally show night. Downtown was buzzing, restaurants were jammed pack, and PPAC was alive. Walking with the crowd through the golden foyer, you can hear the excitement of the patrons and the multitude of Hamilton lines being sang. Everyone got to their seats and the distinctive music drop began.

Everyone already knows the story by now, but this cast of actors and actresses perfectly told the story. They were casted perfectly, all honoring the character and original Broadway cast, but they all individually added their own spin and personality to the songs and personas. Neil Haskell as King George was hilarious. Joseph Morales was surprisingly impressive. Stephanie Jae Park and Te'Rea Campbell portrayed Eliza and Angelica gracefully. Warren Egypt Franklin was one of the, if not, the best on stage. The entire cast was flat out amazing.

The costumes and set were spot on, nailing the adaption to the T. The combination of this truly showcased the story and made me feel motivated, excited, and thankful to be able to see the show in person.

If you're in Rhode Island and have the chance to snag tickets before they end this week, I definitely recommend. PPAC does it again, and can't wait to be back soon. Looking forward to RENT in January!


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