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He got the DAWG in him - Volume 4. Mike Evans protects his Quarterback

Conference and Division games always get feisty, but the Saints/Bucs rivalry is always must watch television. This week proved so. At one point, Tom Brady tossed an incomplete pass and got frustrated after a missed pass interference call. He let the refs know it, and the Saints started chirping back. That's when Bruce Arian sent out his attack dog, Mike Evans, to (de)escalate the situation.

A cheap shot, but damn, the fireworks were erupting! I don't condone violence, but I love a good scurry in the NFL. The fact that these two have history, makes the story better. They clearly don't fuck with each other and I love the enemy storyline.

Mike Evans, you may have received a 1 game sussy, but congrats, you got that DAWG in you!


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