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He got the DAWG in him - Vol 1. Trevor Penning kicked out of practice for fighting 3 days straight

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

A new segment with the House blog. We've all heard the term, and it's time to celebrate (or mock) the tough and rough athletes of the NFL. To kick things off, we'll start with Saints Rookie Lineman, Trevor Penning.

Training Camp is a time to get the kinks out, learn the playbook, and find out about the dynamic of the team. It's also a time where things get heated. One it's hot out, and two, a bunch of players just want to get to the nitty-gritty and smash their helmets together.

Penning took that meaning literally. Everyone fights and gets into tussles, but three days in a row?

To kick off the week, Payton Turner threw a punch at Penning after he shoved him. Then they both threw punches at each other before it was broken up. On Tuesday, safety JT Gray shoved Penning after a block. Penning took a few steps toward Gray but stopped and walked away after a teammate held on to his arm. Then this week, Malcom Roach and Penning got into a fight, and a teammate came in and shoved Penning causing at least 10 other players to come in from the sidelines.

Teammate Cesar Ruiz said, "It's like, when you think he's done, he's not done, He definitely has that finishing mentality you love in an offensive lineman."

What did Penning have to say? "It's football; we're competing,"

Trevor Penning, you got that DAWG in you, congrats for winning week 1!


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