House Brewing Company: The Wonton Don Collaboration

Hey, how are ya? We're doing quite well because it's an exciting time for House Enterprise. Over a year of work between establishing the blog, building up the BBB podcast, growing the content tree, and brewing beer, the "quarantine project" has blossomed into something much bigger. Last month, we had one of the more complete days in the brand's history. We just finalized some merchandise with our friends over at SquadLocker (more info to come). Later in the afternoon, we packed our equipment and made our way over to one of our favorite breweries, Apponaug, and had our first live interview in almost eight months. Then we received the DM of confirmation. The Eagle has landed and the HBC package made it to New York City... Barstool HQ3 to be exact.

For those of you who follow the social accounts or listen to the "Beers, Business, and Balls" Podcast, we announced a while back a beer concept with the one and only Won Ton Don. The foreign correspondent and cultural cosmonaut of Barstool Sports had an idea for a beer specifically for breakfast. Some slight orange juice flavor and a dash of Yerba Matte Tea. We had no idea what the plan was but what Donnie wants, Donnie gets. We hit the lab and started brewing. Special shoutout to our friend Charlie over at Blackstone Valley Brewing Supplies, who helped us craft the right recipe and teaching us how to add tea to a beer.

This journey of House Enterprise has been quite fun. We've interviewed popular journalists, Shark Tank winners, CEOs, and professional athletes. We formed a team to help make this dream a reality. We've tried beers from some incredible breweries, and now we created a product for one of our favorite internet personalities. So how did we get here and how did "Don's Early Light" become a thing?

It all started with a small Twitter exchange. Donnie had himself a good post hangover beer and an idea popped in his head. A breakfast beer. Something light and refreshing, and a brew that'll scream "the hair of the dog that bit you".

We got to work, consulted with our expert friends, did some research, and started brewing. After a few weeks, we perfected something that fit the profile that Donnie wanted. Light, refreshing, slightly caffeinated, and taste like oranges.

When the Wonton Don of Barstool Sports asks for a beer specifically brewed to be drunk at breakfast, you make that beer! You can't drink all day unless you start in the morning, and "Don's Early Light" will help you get there. Designed to emulate your favorite witbier, this beer is light and refreshing, with hints of Yerba Mate Tea and Oranges. Hear it yourself from Donnie on episode 60 of the BBB Pod!

If you want in on the fun, email us at (must be 21 years old and over) and buy some merch from the photo below. Cheers!