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House Enterprise Fantasy Sports; Season 1, Ep. 1

The Inaugural "House Enterprise" Fantasy Football League

Nobody thought once the pandemic was in full bloom that we would be having a football season. Knock on wood, but the NFL is set to start this Thursday, with the Texans facing the Super Bowl Champion Chiefs. There are a few things that help cure the summer hangover. Pumpkin beer, apple sugar donuts, hearty stews, and fantasy football.

To celebrate us making it this far, House Enterprise has created a Fantasy Football League. The competitors are the content creators of this site, plus some friends of the program. With the help of "The Blog", you will get the inside scoop of the friendly competitiveness of the league, what trades are made, and who were waiver wire pickups. In addition, you will also see fantasy tips, strategies, and gambling picks each week. Now let's get into the nitty-gritty.

Here are our Participants.

- Will Tondo; Co-Founder

- Jake Zimmer; Co-Founder

- Chris Hanold; Hockey Analyst

- Ryan Densen; Boston Beer Guy

- James Mas; The Jets and Mets Dude

- Sam Basel; Gambling Garden

-Ford Klier; The Batter's Eye

- Ben Allen; Friend of the Program, Furniture and Suits Expert

- Zach Mastrianni; Also a Friend of the Program, The Bachelor Connoisseur


The Rules of the League.

We are running with an eight-team league, as listed above. We got a standard head-to-head, PPR scoring. The starters are one QB, two RB, two WR, one TE, one Flex, a defense, and a kicker, plus a seven-player bench. All standard scoring as well. Just some simple hard nose fantasy football.

There are two winners in the league. We will have the overall fantasy league champion, who will receive some cash and a nice trophy. The loser? Their punishment will be decided by you, the viewer! The league will come up with options in the coming weeks, and in honor of a BBBPod guest, Mark Dyer of Bored Brackets, we will have a vote live on our Instagram account.

We will also dish out the title of "The Best Football gambler", based on who has the best betting predictions throughout the season. Every week, each player will submit a straight Moneyline selection on every game that is taking place that week. If the season gets canceled, we will still name the best gambler, but the league will become null and void (sad).

All teams will make the playoffs. More skin in the game and more content to be produced. Follow along throughout the season to see who will be the inaugural winner, the first-ever loser, and the best gambler amongst the House Enterprise crew. The draft is slated for tonight. Team rosters and first week predictions will be posted tomorrow.


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