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House Enterprise Fantasy Sports: The Finale, we have a winner!

Well, there you have it. Jake Zimmer defeats Sam Basel in the finals. It was a blowout. It would have been closer if Sam included Sterling Shepard into his lineup, but c'est la vie. Zimmer is the champion of the inaugural House Enterprise Fantasy Football League. He wins some cash and bragging rights. Maybe we'll make a trophy. Boston Beers is the last place, and we did not forget!

The Pick 'Em League - Results

After week 17, the standings were solidified, and we found our winner! Zimmer may have won fantasy, but his pick-em results were polar opposite.

Thanks for following along this season. It was a competitive and fun group that kept it close until the very end. Congrats if your team made it to the playoffs and congrats again if you won your fantasy league. Enjoy the playoffs and see you next season.

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