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I am convinced the the Yankees are a cursed franchise. Phenom Rookie, Jasson Dominguez tears UCL.

Welp, it's official. This franchise is cursed. I don't know what needs to be done to lift the spell, but the Yankees have a black cloud that has been hovering over them since the 2009 championship parade. We truly can't have nice things. I now wish the Yankees never called up the kids because we might be missing a whole season of Jasson Dominguez.

Four home runs in 8 games. A new rejuvenation sparked within this team. An excitement for the new season, a full season with the Martian, is now all irrelevant. I am at the point where the Yankees need to fire every single of their medical staff members and hire the best staff money can buy. This team cannot stay healthy. They catch more colds then flyballs. The malpractice from this team is beyond belief. Report are saying Domínguez first felt elbow pain last Sunday in Houston and played through it. He reported it to the Yankees on Wednesday and it kept getting worse. Are you serious?

The question is, does the young phenom need Tommy John surgery? If so or if not, when could he return?

So what is it? Supposedly, it will be at least six to nine months of recovery. So say he has surgery this month, we are now looking at March through June, and that's if we are lucky. I wish the best for Dominguez. He's a young promising star, and this has to be brutal for him. As for the Yankees, please bring in a priest to remove the demons from this organization.

As for me, it's officially football season. I can't with this team anymore. Give Gerrit Cole his CY Young. Get Gleyber Torres his first Silver Slugger award and extend him. Clear the analytical department and fix the front office. Build. A. Winning. Franchise. Enough of this heartbreak and headache.

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