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I went to James Harden's Clippers debut and it was ugly

Last night I went to the Garden for Clippers vs Knicks and James Harden's debut with the Clippers. Yes, I was up there with Harambe, however MSG is always an awesome time no matter where you sit.

I was actually wearing Clippers gear (shocking I know), and there was maybe like 7 Clipper fans total at MSG. When starting lineups were announced Harden received the loudest boos which makes complete since considering Knicks fans had to deal with him when he was across town in Brooklyn.

The Clippers played okay in the 1st half. Honestly both teams were pretty bad. The shooting was UGLY and it was neck and neck all throughout the 1st half. Harden wasn't bad, but it seemed like the Clippers had a really hard time finding any rhythm between the 4 players of Leonard, George, Westbrook, and Harden. The Clippers also turn the ball over at a crazy rate, specifically Westbrick and Paul George. Kawhi was solid, pretty much his normal self and Harden had some shots were you literally say to yourself, "wow that's a horrible shot" and then somehow it goes in. I guess that is the Harden experience.

The 2nd half is where it really went to shit specifically the end of the 3rd quarter. Zubac is such a weak center and in the 4 years he has been on the Clippers he has been so stiff, slow, and lazy. His hands are made of butter and he CANNOT rebound. Mitchell Robinson is a solid rebounder, but Zubac legit makes him look like Shaq. Mason Plumlee also went down mid 3rd quarter which meant they didn't have a true backup center playing. The Clippers options at center are just pretty brutal and they honestly gotta consider shipping Zubac out at the deadline for a ANYBODY who knows how to rebound.

Final: Clippers 97 Knicks 111

A complete shit pumping in the Garden and very disappointing considering the Knicks aren't even a very good team. Julius Randle stinks and they are a .500 team at best. However, a trip to the Garden is always a great time. Now, I'm off to Barclays tomorrow night for Clippers @ Nets where hopefully the Clippers should get a W.


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