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If the Yankees season wasn't a mess already, we had an all-time blunder regarding Domingo tonight.

I have already come to terms that the Yankees won't do anything tomorrow to improve. Tomorrow's deadline will pass, and Hal Steinbrenner alongside Brian Cashman will say that Aaron Judge, Nestor Cortes, and Jonathan Loáisiga were our trade deadline acquisitions. They'll limp into October, maybe (just maybe) sneak into the playoffs, and boom, waste another season of Judge and Cole's prime.

The team was never built for success. The stars quickly fell to below average players. And Aaron Boone spoon fed us excuse after excuse all season. So much for the once historic franchise.

But that's neither here nor there. I'll probably have another pessimistic piece once 4pm passes by tomorrow. Tonight, we have a moment that shows how much of a mess this team truly is...

I give you, the armpit game...

So Domingo German was scheduled to start, but felt discomfort in his armpit and was scratched. Jhony Brito got recalled from Triple-A, a provided an absolute dud, allowing four homers. Then, out of the blew, who get's called to relieve him?

You guessed it... Mr. Perfect Game who was supposedly scratched for armpit pain. He threw five scoreless innings of two-hit ball in New York's 5-1 loss.

Aaron Boone is so out of touch with his players, and this team just has no fight in them. I don't know what needs to be done, but the season is sure as shit over. There isn't a player on this market that will change the course of this squad. How can they even imagine buying at the deadline when they need to improve everywhere. Lefty bats, reliant starters, solid bullpen pieces, competent left fielder and third baseman, a starting catcher. This team is done. And if tonight's blunder was the straw that broke the camels back, I don't know what will be.


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