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IMPORTANT NEWS: SlamBall Is Officially Returning To Our Lives In July For A 6-Week Season

SlamBall is by far one of the best ideas we have had as humans. It truly ranks up there with the light bulb.

SlamBall started back in 2002 with some INCREDIBLE team names: Rumble. Diablos, Bouncers, Steal, Mob and Slashers. I mean cmon, these just blow any NBA or college team name out of the water.

In the FOS article, it stated that SlamBall completed an $11 million dollar round of funding with the investors including:

Michael Rubin

Blake Griffin

Gary Vee

David Adelman

David Blitzer

They are also going to be creating a documentary about it with the same production company that made "The Last Dance."

I cannot wait for this especially in the middle of summer when nothing is going on sports wise except for baseball.

SlamBall is the perfect sport to watch when you have that sports itch in the middle of summer but don't want to watch the soft cupcake NBA.

I HIGHLY recommend watching some SlamBall highlights if you haven't seen them.


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