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It's time to have a conversation. It's time to move on from Brian Cashman. The Yank's need new eyes.

This will probably be my last Yankees blog for a while. To be honest, it hasn't been fun watching the team, nor writing about it. You'll probably think I am an entitled fan or a blogger baby, but listen, the Yankees haven't been good in a minute. 100 win seasons and individual accolades don't mean shit. This historic franchise hasn't won a World Series since 2009. For any franchise, especially contenders (and especially one of the most winningest teams in the entire MLB), the goal should always been to win it all. What's the point of just going out there for 162+ games to not win the chip?

I digress. The purpose of the piece is to start the conversation. The complacency and lack of eagerness from General Manager Brian Cashman is inexcusable. This trade deadline showcased just that.

Could the Yankees have bought big at the deadline? Possibly.

Should they have added offensive pieces to help? Absolutely.

Should they have sold off expiring contracts? Why not.

But what did Cashman do at the eleventh hour? He picked up two below average rental relievers, who truly offer nothing to the day-to-day.

Two moves to be swept under the rug, that don't fix the offense whatsoever. He pretty much told the fanbase and the teams, this is what we are working with, do better and be better.

Listen, I get it. Rizzo, DJLM, Stanton - they are all under performing. The pitching staff has been lackluster, the offense is asleep, but this is the team HE BUILT. I still think Boone isn't the right guy for the job, because he mismanages games left and right and provides snarky BS comments after the fact. But don't get it twisted, he's working with what Cash is giving him.

But you would think that the Yankees could utilize the internal talent in our minor league system, that could offer some spark? Nope. Oswald Peraza, who was touted as the future and who started in our playoff run last year, is getting lost in the back and fourth shuffle. Florial and Pereira are raking, yet they waste away in Scranton. Cashman and Boone don't like the young guys, and make us fans question their abilities time after time.

I get it, the Yankees haven't showed that they could make a push for the postseason. The team isn't good. Would have it been nice to add some minor pieces that could provide a spark; absolutely, but if that wasn't in the cards, then fine. My issues is that Cashman did nothing. The two reliever moves are nothing moves, let's keep it a buck. Our GM did absolutely nothing. If these expiring contracts aren't part of the future plan, then why weren't they traded?

And if we are talking about painful comments that infuriate the fanbase, Cashman provided us with a masterclass quote on his efforts. And to say this was predictable, would be an understatement.

Do I like talking about another mans job? No.

Has Cashman done a lot of good for this organization? Yes.

Was I a Cash believer? You betchya.

Would he be immediately hired by a team once if he is let go? Absolutely.

It just comes to the point where enough is enough. A new set of eyes and a fresh perspective is needed. The ability to not trade prospects when the stars are available has been excruciating. To trade for washed up has been's with bloated contracts is unimaginable. To not have a left fielder for over two seasons is the straw that broke the camels back. And now, sitting in last place and not trying to fix one of the worst offenses in the entire league or sell of rentals to retool for 2024 is quite possibly, a fire-able offense.

Hal Steinbrenner needs to take a look in the mirror. The greatness and legacy of this franchise are withering away. The primes of Aaron Judge and Gerrit Cole are being wasted. Change needs to happen, and it starts from the top...


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