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Jackson Mahomes is back on TikTok just in time for the Chiefs playoff game

Well on Sunday I hopped on TikTok and this livestream of Jackson Mahomes came up on my for you page. I screen recorded it and posted it on my MarxTakes TikTok account. The video went pretty viral and has racked over 300,000 views. If you don't know Jackson Mahomes, well you are incredibly lucky, but let me give you a quick rundown.

Jackson Mahomes is the brother of Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes and is most famous for making incredibly cringe TikToks at Chiefs games. He has done some incredibly cringe stuff that has made its way around the internet. Last season he threw water at Ravens fans and danced on Sean Taylor's memorial at a Commanders game. Check out the video below:

Horrible. Anyways, the livestream made me realize that it has been a LONG time since we heard from everyone's (least) favorite Tik Toker. We all know Jackson was banned from attending games or making videos at the games. The videos were becoming detrimental to the success of the Chiefs and were just straight out embarrassing.

This livestream also made me realize that we literally almost went an entire season without hearing from Jackson. He was such a intricate part of my NFL viewing experience that I would actively be rooting against the Chiefs so he wouldn't have to make anymore TikToks. On the livestream he mentioned that he was going to the game Sunday and was looking forward to it. Does this mean his pre game TikToks are back? Does this mean I should hammer the Jags?


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