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Knicks Draft Preview: Oh the places you can go with the 11th overall pick.

It's not the sexiest number, especially with the lottery potential at the top of the board, but it's not the worst pick in the world based on past results. Some notable players who were picked in this position include Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (2018), Domantas Sabonis (2016), Myles Turner (2015), Klay Thompson (2011), and JJ Redick (2006). Not bad, not bad!

After last years success and snagging RJ prior, I am confident with the brass of the Knicks front office to do what's right. I cannot fathom another whiff, especially with the tease of the playoffs last season and what has happened in the past...

Earlier this week, I've sold myself on the dream of moving up to the 4th. Jaden Ivey would be my ideal candidate, but there are moves that would need to be made. He fits the biggest need that the team has to fill. Which leads to my next point, this draft inarticulacy has to be need based, rather than best player avaible. I normally disagree, but the roster is constructed with young and raw talent, who have shown their potential. Their needs go as followed.

  1. Point Guard: More than anything. Kemba Walker is on his way out. Rose is the primary 6th man. Alec Burks had his moments, but he can't be the main floor general.

  2. Center Depth: If Mitchell Robinson is out (even if he's back), they could use some additional beef in the paint. Nerlens Noel showed promise, and Jericho Sims is young, but undersized.

  3. Two Way Wings: They don't have enough two-way contributors in their wing rotation

Like I said, the dream right now is pick 4, and I am manifesting it. However, if the Knicks stick to the 11th pick, here is my power ranking of guys who could be available.


  1. Johnny Davis (Wisconsin, G, Sophomore)

  2. Dyson Daniels (G League Ignite, PG/SG, 2003)

  3. Shaedon Sharpe (Kentucky, SG, Freshman)

  4. TyTy Washington Jr. (Kentucky, PG, Freshman)

I am all in on Johnny Davis. He has the athleticism to make an immediate impact. He's effective at creating contact to draw fouls and lane driving abilities to score. Good mid range and shot making ability. Not a point guard per say, but his defense is something that would benefit the Knicks.

The reason I have Dyson Daniels and Shaedon Sharpe at 2 and 3 is because I don't envision them being available at 11. Both would be ideal, if available.

TyTy Washington is considered one of the elite playmakers in the draft class and would be considered a higher pick if he didn't get injured. He could be a steal of the draft.


  1. Ochai Agbaji (Kansas, SG/SF, Senior)

  2. AJ Griffin (Duke, SF, Freshman)

After winning the Natty, it's safe to say teams have eyes on Agbaji. He is a high skilled two-way guard that can score easily. In all 39 games he started, Agbaji dropped 18.8 points per game, shot 47.5% from the field, and 40% from 3PT range, while collecting an average of 5.1 rebounds.

AJ Griffin is another player who intrigues me. He is young and undersized a tad, but could be a project. His production is there, where he converted nearly 45% of his 159 attempts from the perimeter during his single season at Duke.


  1. Mark Williams (Duke, C, Sophomore)

  2. Jalen Duran (Memphis, C, Freshman)

Mark Williams is an NBA ready center. He's a , rim runner, rim protector with tremendous size and intriguing athleticism. The seven-footer would register the fifth-longest wingspan among NBA centers at 7'7. This could be the play here.

Jalen Duran is another center who is generating some buzz. The Memphis product can be compared often to Andre Drummond. He is young and has potential to grow and develop on the bench. I wouldn't be that mad if Duran was selected.


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