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Lets Not Meet - Kill and Tell Reddit Edition

Updated: Oct 19, 2021


Kill and Tell Podcast stemmed from two best friends obsessed with true crime, you know that... But did you guys know that the subject got brought up when Kailey introduced Kelsie to a Reddit thread?

Lets Not Meet Reddit thread consists of users from all across the globe, sharing their creepy personal encounters. Users tell stories of times they were followed home from the mall or coincidently talking to a serial killer in a coffee shop. This subreddit has no end of possibilities on the stories you might read. It's Kailey's version of the perfect collection of bed time stories.

"A place to read spine-tingling, unusual, terrifyingly true stories about people you never want to meet again"

Since it's October we wanted to change things up and put a pause on covering specific cases and treat you to some spooky tales. In today's episode the girls take turns reading some of their favorite Reddit posts.

The Reddit stories we covered in this episode are:

  1. Florida woman crawled out of my hotel mirror to rob me by tbug411

  2. The man at my window, listening and staring by Bitchshortage

  3. Missed being killed by a serial killer by AmJustYou

  4. Strange man in Walmart by Jae_faith

  5. What was she planning on doing to me? by kennyc5576

  6. I was stalked and harassed by my neighbor who I thought was my friend by scarlettriver

If you're interested in hearing us tell these spooky tales listen to out latest episode.

Kill and Tell Podcast


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