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Met Life: Is Tommy DeVito good or are the Commanders bad? Furthermore, what do the Giants do now?

Let's set the record straight, Tommy DeVito isn't Brock Purdy. I will admit I am wrong if somehow he is the prince that is promised come end of season, and miraculously the Giants season is turned around, but let's not let the recency bias hit us in the face. Sam Howell might be the league's passing leader, but since 2018, the Giants have a 8-3-1 record against Washington. They haven't lost to them since January of 2022. The Giants own the Commies, and Tommy DeVito just further proved that point.

It was nice to see the GMen win a game again. This team has the talent, and I just wish injuries didn't set us back. Saquon Barkley should have been paid, and I hope he gets locked in next season. Without him, the Giants have no offense. 83 yards on on 14 carries, 57 yards receiving with two touchdowns. He truly is the best.

Kayvon Thibbeduex is a star in this league. 10.5 sacks on the season and people were calling him a bust. Darius Slayton is as reliable as it gets for a receiver. Isiah Simmons was a steal, Sexy Dexy is elite, and Deonte Banks is a lockdown corner, which we are so lucky to have.

Then there is our Italian Prince, Tommy DeVito. Jersey's poster child. Fellas who live with their parents Messiah. The un-drafted kid came out and tossed three touchdowns and 246 yards. Daniel Jones has only three games with 3+ touchdowns, and they haven't happened since 2019. Tyrod Taylor hasn't done it since 2016. Could he be a hidden gem, or are the Commanders just that bad? I'm torn.

Now, in terms of our quarterbacks of past, present, and future, I'll give you a little insight on what my mind is thinking right now.

I love Tommy DeVito's aura and personality. I am glad the Kafka and Daboll are utilizing him.

I never wish for a loss, but I know the Giants are out on the playoffs.

Not rooting for a tank, but isn't it time to look to next season?

Four scouts went to watch Drake Maye, Caleb Williams is also an elite talent.

Do I still want to believe in Daniel Jones, yes. Is his time over in New York? I think so.

Confusing? Yes. But this season has been a mess already, and my brain falls casualty to that.

The Giants are in a very interesting part of their schedule now. They'll face the Patriots, Packers, Saints, and Rams, as well as the Eagles twice to close out the season. Besides Philly, all of those are winnable games. They are 3-8, so they close out 7-10, you take yourself out of quarterback contention or even Marvin Harrison Jr. potential. The Giants hold the 5th pick now and the organization needs to figure out what direction to follow.


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