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Met Life: My thoughts on Blake Martinez getting cut by the Giants


I am shocked. Stunned by the news, especially after Joe Schoen fielding questions about Darius Slayton saying "these are our 53 heading into week 1".

Was it a disconnect? Was it the money? Was it a health concern? Who is the middle linebacker?

A puzzling move by the Giants, but the word comes out that it was mutual.

If we look at the money side of this equation, we can thank Dave Gettleman for the financial fuck up he left the new regime. Cutting Blake Martinez opens up about $3.6 million for the Giants in cap space, who needed to make some moves after sitting over negative $5M.

On the scheme side of things, although named a starter, his role seemed to be diminished in Wink's system. It's a pressure heavy scheme, and the defensive play calling responsibilities are now with safety Xavier McKinney.

He seemed to be back healthy, despite missing most of last season after tearing his ACL. The year prior, he lead the team with 151 tackles in 16 games. How is that replicated?

One thing to note. Blake wasn't voted back as a captain this year. Not sure if that was a smoking gun, or just new leadership to the team, but definitely an interesting point of thought.

I trust the brass of this team, but this one came by a big surprise. I understand they drew a shit straw, but man, who is going to fill the whole?


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