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Met Life: New York Giants schedule predictor. Time to smash the over 7.5 win total prop.

We are a few hours away until the New York Giants play football, and boy am I excited. This team truly feels special, and I can't wait to tune in.

It's frustrating to hear all of the Giants hate coming into the season. Last year, they shocked everyone and made the playoffs. This offseason, they only got better. Daniel Jones got a new contract with new confidence added to it. It's another full year with a successful coaching staff and adapting to the system. He got stronger, and his weapons got even stronger. They added a Pro-Bowl tight end in Darren Waller, provided new weapons with Paris Campbell and Jaylin Hyatt, and they bolstered the roster as a whole. Their defense added more depth at all positions, while losing very few pieces.

According to our friends over at DraftKings, the line is set at 7.5 win total. I've broken down the entire schedule on a very high level approach. Many might laugh, but I am confident on this Giants team, and I think they'll make the most of it.


2023-24 New York Giants Schedule Prediction

Week 1: Vs. Dallas Cowboys - Win

Time to make a statement. In the first game of the Daboll/Schoen era last season, they put their balls on the table and won. It's now time to do it against a Divisional Rival. 2022 provided two close games against Dallas. This time around, the Cowboys are banged up, and the Giants have bolstered their roster. Upset time to put the league back on notice.

Week 2: @ Arizona Cardinals - Win

Cardinals are clearly tanking, this should be a solid building block W for the Giants.

Week 3: @ San Francisco 49ers - Loss

49ers are the team to beat. A gauntlet of weapons on offense, and a rock solid hard hitting defense. This will be the first big test for the Giants, but they'll collect some intel for the playoffs.

Week 4: Vs. Seattle Seahawks - Win

The Geno Smith revenge game. The Giants blew the Seattle game last season, and need to take home these types of wins to ensure a postseason run.

Week 5: @ Miami Dolphins - Loss

I think the G-Men drop this one. A late night in Miami, a talented wide receiving core that will shakeup our rookie secondary. This will be a tough one to swallow, but it will help the Giants improve for the following week.

Week 6: @ Buffalo Bills - Win

People will mark this one as a loss, but I am buying big on the Buffalo routes coming into their old home and showing who's the real winner. The Giants are going to stun Josh Allen and the Bills are prove to people they mean business.

Week 7: Vs. Washington Commanders - Win

Danny Dimes and Danny Runs owns Washington. Enough said.

Week 8: Vs. New York Jets - Win

This Giants regime has already defeated Aaron Rodgers once, and now this new cocky Jets squad claims that their shared stadium is "Jet-Life" rather than Met-Life. Think again. The Giants are the landlords, and ya'll are just paying rent. Fancy new toys don't account for Super Bowls gang green. The Meadowlands Bowl belongs to the G-Men.

Week 9: @ Las Vegas Raiders - Loss

A winnable game that will be a close loss. Another big city might cause some hiccups, and Allegiant is a harder stadium to play in.

Week 10: @ Dallas Cowboys - Loss

It's fair enough to say that the Giants and Cowboys will split the series. The Giants have a hard time playing in Jerry World, and you have to give credit where credit is due.

Week 11: @ Washington Commanders - Win

Not saying it's a guaranteed win, but...

Week 12: Vs. New England Patriots - Win

The history, the playoff rivalry, the pomp and circumstance - it won't matter. The Patriots are the fourth best team in the AFC East, the Giants need to cruise past this one and end their long schedule before a hiatus with a win.

Week 13: BYE

13 weeks and a ton of travel, this is a much needed bye week for the Big Blue, especially after Thanksgiving.

Week 14 - Vs. Green Bay Packers - Win

I am not a believer in Jordan Love or the Packers this season, the Giants will take care of it at home against this new look Green Bay squad.

Week 15 - @ New Orleans Saints - Win

I think this one is a very loseable game. The Saints are a giant question mark, but they do have some tools on the offesnive side, but their defense is their breadwinner. I think this could go either way, but I'll throw it in the win category for now.

Week 16 - @ Philadelphia Eagles - Loss

The team to beat, not only in the division, but in the NFC. The Giants don't fare well in Philly, so they'll hand this one to the Eagles.

Week 17 - Vs. Los Angeles Rams - Win

At this point, the Rams have traded away their core and are getting ready to tank. This should be an easy game, even with McVay's guru mind games.

Week 18 - Vs. Philadelphia Eagles - Win

Depending on how the season goes, the Eagles probably will have everyone rested. This could be a loss as well, but I think the Giants want to keep the momentum high heading into (you guessed it), the playoffs. Capitalize the season with 12 wins and getting ready to make a RUN.

FINAL: 12-4, Playoff Bound!


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