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MLB Milestone Watch List. Does Pujols hit 700? Will Goldschmidt win the Triple Crown? Judge to 61?

If you aren't rooting for Pujols to hit his 700th home run you truly are not a very nice person. For the first time in a while, the end of a season is more than just a playoff race. There are some pretty big milestones and historic marks that players can accomplish come October 5th.

Albert Pujols race to 700 Home Runs

No other player in MLB history has accomplished all these feats over an entire season.

  • 3 games with 8+ total bases

  • A pinch-hit grand slam

  • A game going 4-for-4 (or better) with multiple HR

  • A HR in a 1-0 win N

Oh by the way, he's 42 years old.

This month he's batting .442 with 8 homers and 18 RBI's. Insane. He now sits at 693, three away from ARod's record, and 7 away from 100.

  1. Barry Bonds - 762

  2. Hank Aaron - 755

  3. Babe Ruth - 714

  4. Alex Rodriguez - 696

  5. Albert Pujols - 693

Number 4 is right in spot, and I think he could F around and get to 3rd in 2023. But it seems to be that this will be The Machine's last season. I personally don't think he should hang it up until he hits the milestone. The way he's batting now, it seems like he wants to hit it this year.

Will Paul Goldschmidt win the Triple Crown?

The most recent Triple Crown winner was in 2012, where Tiger's Miguel Cabrera accomplished the feat. The last time the NL won the award was way back in 1937, by Cardinals’ Joe Medwick.

It's now 2022 and the Triple Crown might head back to St. Louis. Paul Goldschmidt has been playing video game baseball right now. As a -400 favorite to win the MVP, Goldy is a key catalyst to the Cardinals success, and he is poised to take home the coveted Triple Crown.

  • .339 Batting Average - 1st (13 pts. ahead of Freddie Freeman)

  • 33 Home Runs - 2nd (2 Behind Leader - Kyle Schwarber)

  • 105 RBI's - 1st (3 Ahead of Pete Alonso)

If he keeps having games like last night, then the Crown should be no issue.

Aaron Judge's Home Run Tally

He's on the same pace as Maris, but he's no where near Bonds. Here is a look at the records Judge is trying to break.

  • Most in a Single Season (Barry Bonds - 2001): 73

  • Most by a Yankee and American Leaguer (Roger Maris - 1961): 61

  • Most in Recent Time (Giancarlo Stanton - 2017): 59

Judge is aiming to be the 6th player in baseball history to hit 60 or more homers in a season. He would join the likes of Bonds, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Roger Maris, and Babe Ruth. The season Judge is having, I can't imagine him not hitting at least 62.

Over 61.5 home runs, +220

Under 61.5 home runs, -280

I like the odds.


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