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MLB Press Conference: "We're gonna give em an offer they can't refuse" - Rob Manfred, pretty much

It's been 71 days since the MLB lockout began, and here is what has been accomplished.

Big bad Rob Manfred has a press conference to announce his retirement... we wish. he addressed everyone for the first time saying that there is a new CBA proposal that will be given to the players association tomorrow.

He insisted that a spring training delay would be detrimental, but hasn't ruled it out just yet. A deal would have to happen tomorrow to make this work. Pitchers and catchers are slated to report next week, with spring training leagues starting February 25th-26th.

“I see missing games as a disastrous outcome for this industry and we’re committed to making an agreement in an effort to avoid that.” - Rob Manfred

Manfred didn't provide much of an update, but said that the deal they have ready for this weekend seems fair in their eyes. From the outside perspective, this lockout isn't moving anywhere. Last week the league requested assistance from a federal mediator, which was rejected by the MLBPA. They want a fair agreement, and are willing to sacrifice regular season games to get the right deal. Sounds lovely for "America's Pastime". If this lockout goes past March, it seems more than likely that will occur.

According to CBS Sports, MLBPA is seeking more money for players early in their careers through a higher minimum salary and earlier arbitration-eligibility. The owners want to make further economic gains (i.e. redirect more money away from the players and into their pockets) after succeeding at exactly that the last few collective bargaining agreements.

Some things sounded good from Manfred's presser included implementing a draft lottery to avoid tanking, the league is prepared to offer a much higher league minimum salary, and a universal DH will be implemented.

But with positives come some negatives, including draft pick compensation for teams losing free agents is eradicated, they will not reduce revenue sharing, and the possibility of expanding the playoffs.

As a baseball fan, I just want the it back. All eyes are on the meeting results after Saturday, let's hope an agreement comes.


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