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MLB Trade Deadline Winners and Losers, featuring Sam Basel of House Enterprise's wOBA WonderBoys

Arguably one of the biggest trade deadlines in the past few years, headlined by the Slam Diego Padres. They pushed all their chips to the table and bet the house this season, acquiring marquee talent in Brandon Drury, Josh Hader, Josh Bell, and a guy named Juan Soto, ever heard of him?

Back 12 games to the Dodgers, the west just got a little more wilder to say the least. And speaking of wild, the trade deadline was a doozy as I stated before.

To dive deeper into the aftermath, we're joined by our good friend, Sam Basel. He does everything and anything for House Enterprise, and during this baseball season he's capturing his emotions of the Mets in a blog series called "The Amazin's in Astoria". He's also the Co-Host of "wOBA WonderBoys", diving into the biggest headlines of the MLB. Basel

Our guy, Sam Basel, hopped on the pod to help us breakdown the MLB trade deadline, who is the biggest winner and loser of the week, and what it will take for a Subway Series World Series.


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