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New album 'Hidden Youth' is Surfaces' best work

If you're not on Surfaces yet, it's not too late to jump on the bandwagon after this banger of an album. PIC: (Below: L-Forrest Frank, R-Colin Padalecki)

Call them Indie Pop, call them reggae, call them lo-fi...whatever you want to classify them as, they're revolutionizing "feel-good" music across the world.

Even if the name isn't familiar, you've probably already heard the musical stylings of Surfaces. "Be Alright" and "Heaven Falls / Fall on Me" found listeners on Instagram and other social media. "Keep it Gold" and "Lazy" were heard at darties across the nation. Then came "Sail Away," "Wave of You," and "Sheesh" with Tai Verdes.

And of course, everyone knows Sunday Best - the OG, most popular Surfaces song that went viral on Tiktok and has a baller music video.

Now, just five years after their first mainstream release, Surfaces is up to over 14 billion streams on Spotify, one of the most well-trafficked groups in their category ever.

Hidden Youth is the latest among Surfaces gems. And, I'm going to make the bold claim that this is the best Surfaces album ever.

Hidden Youth's album cover is unique and multi-layered.


  1. It Only Takes Two

  2. Golden Hour (from Into the Desert)

  3. Rolling Stone

  4. Rooftops

  5. Brand New

  6. Champagne

  7. I Can't Help But Feel

  8. Falling Again

  9. What's Been on Your Mind

  10. Find A Way

  11. Hold Onto Me Baby

  12. Cherry Blossom

  13. Open Water

The first time I listened to Golden Hour, I was heading to Block Island with the windows down and the sun shining down through the window. You can't really have a better feel-good song than this one; the only way to describe the beat is "uplifting." Perfect for a walk or something low-key.

I am crowning "It Only Takes Two" as my number one song from this album, and for good reason. Super upbeat, lots of elements of funk and reggae, and overall, my kind of summer vibes.

A clip that was noteworthy that didn't crack the Top Ten is this collab with Connecticut legend, Felly. I was never a huge Felly person, but he had some great features with Jack Harlow, T-Pain, and other popular artists. His verse here is short, but it's a collab that we didn't know we needed.

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