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New Partner Alert: Dugout Creative!

Que the sirens, the boys are buzzing! We have teamed up with the Folks over at Dugout Creative to provide our viewers the chance to get 15% off their orders.

Started by Jeremy Kirby and Brian Begley, the guys at Dugout Creative are designing some of the coolest baseball merch on the market. The pair has a love for baseball and a background in graphic design, illustration, sports branding, and uniform design. The duo specializes in their ability to blend historical and contextual elements with a clean, simple, and street influenced style. They have shirts and jerseys that are inspired by different cities that house baseball teams.

I mean look at these fire products. The custom Bronx jersey is CLEAN. The Chi-Town Chicago merch is classic. The Cigar City (Tampa) and Mile High (Denver) concepts are simple yet cool. How can you not love the “Free Joe Kelly” shirt?

Although you may be watching your favorite team at home on TV, you can still rep your city with some Dugout Creative gear. Use code “BBBPOD” for 15% off!



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