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NQATT: 25 Days of Takemas - Power Rankings of Chex Mix. December 2nd.

Day two of 25 Days of Takemas and we've got a doozy. Chex Mix are one of my all-time favorite car ride snacks, let alone guilty pleasures. I can take down a bag in a disgusting amount of time. I've had this blog in the drafts for months and to confirm my takes, I crushed a large bag of Chex Mix. With no surprise, I was right with my picks. No Questions At This Time...


6. Mini Breadstick

The WOAT item in the bag. It is bland as it gets. It's like those crappy fake-ass Italian breadsticks that places put in the bread basket. It doesn't bring anything to the table, and for that reason, I'm out.

5. Circle Pretzel

Trash pretzel. It reminds me of the Kitzels, which were also trash pretzels. Never enough salt, kind of rubbery tasting, yet still above the breadstick.

4. Corn Chex

I hate how low I have to put the corn chex, but it's kind of bland. It goes well with milk, and doesn't provide the punch that the top three provide.

3. Square Pretzel

Still not a premiere pretzel, but the window formation provides some depth and crunch.

2. Wheat Chex

Hot take incoming, but the wheat chex is the better the corn chex. The corn chex is cereal, the wheat chex provides some salt to it.

1. Rye Chip

If you don't have the rye chip at one, you have a immature palette. Packed with flavor, great crunch, perfect crisp, it is God tier. We are taking a top tier induvial snack item across the salty snacks category.



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