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NQATT: 25 Days of Takemas - Power Rankings of Seasons. December 4th

On the fourth day of Takemas, I present you with the power rankings of seasons. The supreme reason to live in the Northeast and New England. Experiencing the seasons is something I take for granted. The colors, the air, kind of soft, but who cares, I am a big seasons guy.


4. Spring

People are going to be mad about this one, but where do you else do you put spring? They are weather confused, with most of the time the winter carries heavily over into spring months. It's wet out, there's no major work holidays off, it is a sub-par season.

3. Winter

The holiday season is what makes the winter special. Parlay that into the New Year, and then my birthday, it is always a great time. Workwise, nobody does anything after Thanksgiving until the New Year, so it is a prime get shit done month. The first now is pretty, but then it becomes a grey puddle of mush. Christmas is awesome, for those who celebrate, but expensive. Also, driving in the snow and avoiding black ice is never fun. Sub-30 degree weather sucks, especially when there is wind. Who actually enjoys that?

2. Summer

Anyone under the age of 22 would probably put Summer as No. 1, but when you become an adult, the lust is lost. You don't have a three month vacation anymore. August gets gross. 100 degrees is not fun anymore. Still, summer is a solid season. The beaches, the vacations, the warm weather, the fun activities. Barbecuing, seafood, novelty drinks, summer music, outdoor bars, I love summer. Top 2 right here, but not my number one.

1. Autumn

Elite Season. Tier 1, Tier God, the best. The autumn is the perfect temperature season. Early September still has remanence of summer. It than slowly turns into 65, sunny, and then crisp cool air. The leaves change to gorgeous colors. You can start wearing hoodies. Football returns, playoff baseball, hockey and basketball come back, it's the ultimate sports equinox. Comfort food comes into play. Soup season begins. Thanksgiving is a top tier holiday. All in all, fall is number one by a landslide.



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