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OFFICIAL: Arizona Coyotes announce relocation to Utah.

Even if you are someone who doesn't pay attention to hockey, there's no doubt that you aren't a stranger to the drama that has been unfolding within the Arizona Coyotes organization for years now.

Coyotes star winger Clayton Keller - Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports


It seems as if relocation rumors have been surrounding the Yotes since the day they arrived in Phoenix from Winnipeg back in 1996. After being locked out of Gila River Arena due to not being able to pay $1.3 million in taxes in 2021 -- their home since 2003 -- the Coyotes moved into Arizona State University's 5,000 capacity Mullett Arena. The writing was officially on the wall: The Coyotes days in Arizona were numbered.

The NHL and commissioner Gary Bettman did everything they could to keep the Coyotes in the desert, but their efforts were in vain. On Friday, April 12th, 2024, it was announced that the Arizona Coyotes were in the process of being sold to the NBA's Utah Jazz owner, Ryan Smith, and the team will be relocating the Salt Lake City to begin the 2024-25 NHL season upon the completion of the transaction.

It is worth nothing however, that current Coyotes owner, Alex Meruelo, announced that since the sale of the team has not officially gone through, he is still working on a $3 billion arena and entertainment project in North Phoenix, a last ditch effort to save his beloved hockey team.

The Coyotes have only made the playoffs nine times in their 28 years in Arizona, have never made a Stanley Cup Final, and have only ever won their division once in the 2011-12 season. To say that the Coyotes time in Arizona has been a disappointing one is an understatement.


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