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Offseason Update: Butler

Since I last wrote something on this team, a lot has changed. There have been quite a few commits, and somehow in this time Camren Hunter committed and decommitted… so there’s that. Anyway, here’s a quick little blurb on all of these guys and what they bring to the Bulldogs, then some long-term thoughts.

Andre Screen

Screen was the first commitment to the Bulldogs, a couple of days after the last article was posted. Screen most likely backs up Thomas, he’s a legit 7’0” and has a pretty soft touch around the rim. He has a very good touch around the basket with good shot-blocking instincts.

The free-throw shooting is a worry, 56.8% from the line is not good and a weapon for an opposing Big East coach, especially in the single bonus, or late in the game. Bucknell was also the worst team in the Patriot League last season, and the only statistical category Screen led them in was blocks. I don’t know how he will be as a rebounder at this level, but he should be a serviceable backup. I’m very interested in seeing how much better Screen gets with Greg Oden, and fully understanding why the staff targeted him early in this process.

Augusto Cassia

I hit on Cassia in the last piece, and since then, there isn’t much more we know. He’s a very high-level athlete, from a decent program in the NBA Academy, and I’m excited to see how good he is. He’s definitely the biggest unknown on this team, he has a ton of potential and most of the game footage we have is from years ago. Do you think he’s getting any worse in that time? I don’t.

It might take him a bit to adjust to the college game, so be patient, but I really like the potential for a four-year prospect. Guys with his level of athleticism don’t grow on trees, so there’s some real potential here. I’m very excited to see what he can bring to this program.

Landon Moore

Landon Moore represents the exact transfer that this program should be looking at, especially this offseason. He has three years of eligibility and has legit game, as proven at the D1 level. He’s someone who will be an impact player on this team for years to come.

Moore is an effective scorer at all three levels. He’s very good at getting to the rim and finishing once he gets there, he can create for himself at the second level and effectively knock down shots, and his three-point jumper is solid, at 36% in his lone season at St. Francis (PA). And that stepback is just gorgeous.

Pierre Brooks

Brooks has the highest ceiling of anyone Butler has brought in, and one of the higher ceilings of any Big East transfer. If he hits his high school ceiling, he can really be something for this Butler team. When he’s on, he’s easily putting up double digits on high-level opposition. He’s a tough, physical guard, who’s capable of playing multiple positions on the floor. His offensive game is very good, especially when his jumper is falling. He’s a better shooter than the numbers indicate, his stroke is pure. He also has this very cheeky floater he goes to quite a bit, and that should be an asset against some of the great defensive big men in this league.

When he was off though, he just wasn’t playable. I don’t think the fit was right at Michigan State. I think he can be much better here at Butler and get back to the Michigan Mr. Basketball level, but only time will tell. I think Brooks will have a huge role on this Bulldog team next season, I think he’s a key offensive piece. I think he will show he's much better than his college numbers indicate.

Jahmyl Telfort

Telfort is a big, physical wing from Northeastern, which was the exact archetype Butler was missing last season. So often Butler would just get manhandled on the wings. Telfort will change that. He’s a big-bodied wing, whose athleticism will translate to the Big East level.

He’s a very crafty slasher, with multiple ways to finish at the rim. He can finish through you or hit a cheeky euro step/spin move and go around you, then finish. He’s very effective at getting to the basket and scoring once he gets there. Telfort and Brooks will be a very solid duo, with Telfort being more of a slasher and Brooks being more of a shooter, but both can do a bit of both. They both have well-rounded skillsets that really should compliment each other's game.


We’ll have more detailed information on transfers over the course of the offseason, we’ve got about seven months without basketball, and we’ll have time to do some detailed dives on these guys. But for now, those are my early thoughts.

The main thing to note is that the staff identified a weakness, physicality on the wings. That became prevalent early in the season last year and was something that teams like Seton Hall took complete advantage of. That’s not going to be the case this season. Brooks, Telfort and Cassia are Big East-level athletes, and will not get bullied around.

Of course, Butler isn’t done this offseason. There’s an assistant spot to fill and at least one open scholarship for sure. There have been enough rumors on how they will fill that spot, but for now, I’m waiting to see that become official. Not saying they aren’t true (a certain SEC school could get the player in question too), but this offseason has had enough twists and turns, that I’ll just wait on it.

Also, there has been some conversation on another scholarship spot opening up, which has some smoke to it. It makes logical sense that this staff is looking after multiple spots, as they have a couple positions of need. I think a sharpshooting point guard should be atop this list, a much-needed addition for floor-spacing, and making sure these other guards will be effective scorers.

In this man's opinion, I think they should target more multi-year transfers. The Big East is going to be awesome next year, and I think this team can compete, but I think if you want to build for the future, you start now and find the right time to emerge, and show you’re a threat. Going up against this competitive Big East every single game will make these guys better for years to come, and this school has always been one to develop talent and have legit four-year guys. I think the multi-year transfers are the move, rather than going after the 20PPG grad transfer types that everyone wants.

I think they’re still a season away from fully turning this thing around, but I’d love to be wrong (and will probably become more optimistic as the offseason continues). Until then, I will be spam-refreshing Twitter looking for any updates to the transfer portal cycle.

Here were some of my initial thoughts as everything broke:

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