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Positivity Corner: The Blue Jays and Yankees do right to selfless fan who gave homerun ball away.

This is what baseball is all about and there is still hope in humanity.

Last night, Aaron Judge smashed his 9th homer of the year at the Rogers Centre in a 9-1 victory. Blue Jays fan, Mike Lanzillotta, caught the ball in the left field bleachers and let out a fist pump. He immediately saw 9-year old Derek Rodriguez, who was wearing a Judge t-shirt. Within seconds, he gave the ball to the young fan, and they hugged it out. Rodriguez cried tears of joy and the video went viral.

The next day, both teams gathered the information and did right.

Now this is the content you love to see. It's the little things and I am glad that the Yanks and Jays took care of the fans.


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