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Postseason Spreads: The Big One

We're finally here, folks. The Big One. After another unbelievable postseason (well, except for that Divisional Round, if I may), we've got the most talent we could possibly pack into one matchup, and even if you'd rather root for both teams to lose, you can't deny that we've got a crazy game ahead of us. For the last time this season, let's see where Sam Basel and Will Tondo are laying down their cash.

Basel's Playoff Picks 2022-23: 11-4 (5-1 ML, 3-3 ATS, 2-1 Props, 1-0 O/U)

Tondo's Playoff Picks 2022-23: 7-10 (3-3 ML, 3-3 ATS, 1-3 Props, 0-1 O/U)

Tondo's Big Game Picks

  • Chiefs ML

  • Chiefs +1.5

  • Under 50.5

  • Coin Toss - Tails

  • Will there be a 2pt conversion? - Yes (+120)

  • Will there be an octopus? - Yes (+1400)

  • Will there be a safety? - Yes (+900)

  • Isiah Pacheo ATTS - (+180)

  • Any Non-Qb to have 1+ Pass Td (+1500)

  • Gatorade - Orange (+350)

Am I riding the Chiefs because the Eagles beat my Giants? Yes, but am I riding the Chiefs because I think they are a better team? Also yes. Crazy, right? But seriously, what Mahomes and Reid have built in Kansas City should not be scoffed. It's their third Super Bowl in five years, they've been here before. Also, my brain can't get over the mental hurdle that Jalen Hurts can't get it done in the bright lights. Remember the 2017 National Championship? Tua replaced him in the 2nd half. Not saying that this has translated into the NFL, but it's something that is stuck in my head, which makes me more confident in Mahomes and Co.

The o/u at 50.5 scares me. Recently, both teams over their past few games haven't reached that 51 point mark. On top of that, the Under has hit in the past four Super Bowls, plus the front seven's vs. trench battle will keep the scoring low.

For my props, it's quite simple. Tails never fails. I want chaos in the scoring department. Could we see a Philly special yet? If the Chiefs win, they are historically Orange Gatorade drinkers, so slap that in the mix too.

Basel's Big Game Picks

  • Eagles ML

  • Eagles -1.5

  • Under 50.5

  • Travis Kelce ATTS (-125)

  • Isiah Pacheco O 1.5 REC (-185)

  • Jalen Hurts U 238.5 Pass Yards (-110)

  • Patrick Mahomes U 2.5 Pass TDs (-225)

  • Gatorade Color-Blue (+400)

  • PHI Eagles to win coin toss AND win the game (-330)

Mr. Tondo, I respect you sticking to your guns and rooting against the Eagles, and while I do think Kansas City is going to be a tough squad to beat, I think this Philly squad is just way too talented to get their wings clipped in an embarrassing fashion. Sure, Jalen Hurts struggled to come up big in the National Championship Game all those years ago, and I do believe in first time Super Bowl QB jitters, but he's got the team, and the legs, to handle anything that this talented Kansas City pass rush throws at him. Expect some successful QB scrambles, which is why I'm taking the under on Jalen Hurts pass yards.

Speaking of pass rush, the Eagles defensive unit will make today a living hell for Mahomes and his injured ankle. It obviously didn't hamper him last week against Cincy, but his success when under pressure is way lower than when he's got a stable pocket to work in. Obviously, Travis Kelce will be a big target, and will likely score a touchdown to flex on his brother ahead of their next podcast, but I think a play like that will be sandwiched between some troublesome pass plays from KC. Look for Isiah Pacheco to take a few check down receptions from the backfield as well.

For some more fun bets, I'm going with blue for the final Gatorade bath. Don't ask me why, I just feel it in my bones. For the coin toss, I like the Eagles to win it, defer, and then win the game. However, I will not be putting their deferral on my bet slip.


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