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Ranch Thoughts: Recap of Yellowstone Season 5, Episode 4

After a cliffhanger arrest and questions to be had, we're back with another episode of Yellowstone. More John Dutton, new storylines unfolding, and a reintroduction of a character. Here is Episode 4 of Ranch Thoughts.

  • I really thought that this bar-fight women wasn't going to backdown so easily. That was a masterclass law performance by Jamie, and of course Beth was ungrateful. A night in the clink did not do her any justice.

  • The baby seat in the car... oh no. I forgot how it was a total secret, let alone not addressed, and that was going to break Beth. Jamie is clearly upset by the whole situation, saying that when he took Beth to the clinic as a kid, it was his "greatest regret". It's awful how demonic her response was, and how she promised to take the baby from her brother, and rob him of the gift of fatherhood. Will it actually happen? At this rate, I sadly think so. I also thought Jamie was going to hit Beth with his car.

  • The Fish and Wildlife authorities are going to be on their ass all season about these wolves. Also, don't question John Dutton.

  • Shoutout to John’s new assistant, Clara Brewer. I still don't know if her character has an exterior motive, but she is handling this difficult job with ease.

  • Last episode, Mo and Rainwater talked about how they needed a horse for the burial of Monica and Kayce's son, so that he would have a horse to ride with. Instead of killing one, it was full circle that John's horse that stepped in the whole would be the one that would get buried. Great story writing, also hence the episode title, Horses in Heaven. I also loved how Rip and the Cowboys helped set up the burial site.

  • The burial scene was sad all around. I wish John and Beth felt welcomed, and I wish Kayce showcased that, but grief is a weird thing. It was nice seeing Monica and John chat for a bit, and console with each other. I thought it was weird that Rainwater brought up the 300 jobs John eliminated when he axed the airport then, but clearly that was his angle on why things are sour at the reservation.

  • The second that Lynelle suggested John should hire an environmental advisor as well as said that he could pardon anyone, I knew Summer Higgins would be back in the picture. Ugh. I hated her story line, and felt she didn't bring much to the table. Now that she's back in the picture, it's going to cause headaches with Beth.

  • Now that Jamie had a fight with Beth, he needs to go scurry back into the darkness. He grabs a drink with Sarah Atwood, which we now know is just an alias thanks to Beth's snooping. They hook up (as anticipated), and she has Jamie right where she needs him.


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