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Ranking the logos and teams of the rebooted XFL 3.0

Just when you thought you couldn't consume any more sports content in your life, the XFL comes knocking again. This time backed by Dwyane The Rock Johnson, so you know it's going to be cooking. But alas, the XFL is back, and back again. After COVID and bankruptcy derailed Vince McMahon's baby, a new chapter of the franchise is set to start in 2023, and we've got the teams officially revealed this week.

Now I've thought about this blog for a couple days. First off, I am PISSED that the New York Guardians got the can for Orlando, well technically San Antonio, but I digress.

I have to choose a new team to "root" for. Who knows, maybe I'll drop a series on my XFL fandom, Basel and I toyed around the idea when House started. But choosing a team in your mid 20's is wild. It's like choosing your Xbox Gamertag or your first Pokemon, you gotta sit here and think. Now because their aren't any players yet, I've opted to make my fandom choice solely based off of appearance. I know, superficial.

So without further ado, I bid you my rankings, solely off of looks and logos. No.1 gets the key to my brain and my short attention span come the spring. Let's dive right in!


8. Orlando Guardians

I won't be bias because the Guardians should have been in New York, I am just stating my factual opinion. Lime green and the basic roaring big cat logo. Eh, not really original.

7. Arlington Renegades

It would be a cool logo for a bio-tech startup or a marketing agency, but for a football team? I don't think so. Also being called the renegades after TikTok ruined that term with the dance doesn't sit well for it.

6. Houston Roughnecks

Their color scheme and alt. logo is too similar to the Pats, and their primary looks too much like the Houston Oilers, I think they are in a little bit of a imposter syndrome if you ask me.

5. Seattle Sea Dragons

I do like how you can see the C inside the D, to form DC. I think their crest logo with the lightning strikes is cooler, but this will look good on a helmet.

4. DC Defenders

I do like how you can see the C inside the D, to form DC. I think their crest logo with the lightning strikes is cooler, but this will look good on a helmet. If PFT was still on the team, they'd probably be in the top three.

3. St. Louis Battlehawks

Now this is badass. The sword, the wings, the name Battlehawks. I like the combo of blue and silver.

2. Vegas Vipers

Now, this is a sharp logo. The red and black is always a steezy option, and being in Vegas puts in you in the conversation at the top. I like how the Vipers are subtle, but standout, and the logo is giving me major cobras vibes.

1. San Antonio Brahmas

We're thinking outside the box here. Not the bulls but the BRAHMAS. Now that's innovative. The color scheme is mint and oh, their head coach is Super Bowl Winner Hines Ward. Uhhh yes yes yes. Ironically enough, the Brahmas has taken over the New York Guardians team slot, despite Orland getting access to the name.

This is a no brainer pick. I am officially joining the bandwagon and making "The Brah-Mas Men" Crew. More to come on this but Roll San Antonio!


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