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Raptors coach Darko Rajakovic had WILD rant after loss to Lakers

HOLY W from the Raptors head coach after their loss last night against the Lakers. It was one of those NBA games that was so clearly rigged for the Lakers so I'm glad he called the refs out specifically Ben Taylor.

“This is completely BS,” he yelled furiously to reporters. “This is a shame. Shame for the referees, shame for the league to allow this.”

Then, he added: “They had to win tonight? If that’s the case, just let us know so we don’t show up for the game.”

He will definitely be getting a HEFTY fine from the league office, but he definitely knew that before he opened his mouth so respect for biting the bullet and just going IN on how corrupt the officiating is in the NBA.

How bad was the officiating you ask? Well let's break it down:

The Lakers shot 36 free throws and the Raptors shot a mere 13 – a spread that was 23-2 in the fourth quarter.

It truly doesn't get any more rigged than this so shoutout to Raptors coach for all this BS out.

This is not the first time either that the Raptors have had problems with Ben Taylor. Fred VanVleet called out Ben Taylor last season in a wild rant.

It begs the question...does Ben Taylor have something against the Raptors or is he just a Lebron fanboy?


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