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RIP to an all-time great. Hall of Fame coach and broadcasting legend, John Madden, passes away.

Woah. This one hits hard. John Madden, the NFL broadcasting and coaching legend, who was also the namesake of the popular video game, has passed away at 85 years old. He was the epitome of the NFL.

The Raiders Head Coach from 1969-1978, Madden is one of the most iconic figures in NFL history. He held an incredible 103–32–7 record, winning Super Bowl XI as well. He made his way to Canton, as a Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee in 2006. Off the field, he was an incredible broadcaster and announcer, winning 16 Emmy Awards and was ranked 2nd in Yahoo! Sports Top 50 All Time Network Television Sports Announcers.

Photo: John Biever / NFL Archives

Since 1988, Madden lent his name, personality, and voice to EA Sports for them to create the Madden Video Game series. He was a very quotable guy, and provided some memorable calls during his career. He also seemed to be just a fun loving guy.

There will never be another one like John Madden. Rest in Peace.


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