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The 2nd Annual House Enterprise NFL Mock Draft

For the 2nd time in our history, we present our 2023 NFL Mock Draft! Join Will & Jake with Jordan, James, and Sam as we predict the selections for all 31 picks of the first round of this year's NFL Draft. Same rules as last year - everyone picks as the team they're assigned, with no trades to move up or down the rankings. One twist, though - the order is randomized every five picks - so in other words, each of our five guys had no idea which team they'd be assigned until right before their pick! Which two QB's went first? Which potential top five pick fell to #11? How many tight ends will go in the first round, and which teams could be in the hunt? What will we see the Patriots do if they finally decide to stay in the top-half of the draft? How do the Lions spend their two picks at 6 and 18? Do the Cardinals make good on promises to bolster their defense? We answer all these questions and more!


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