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The 3rd Annual House Enterprise NFL Mock Draft

Updated: Apr 14

Get the spreadsheets ready! We are joined for our third annual NFL Mock Draft, where we make our selections for the 2024 NFL Draft.  In a random draw, we each are assigned teams in chunks of five and make our picks acting as if we were the GMs of those teams.  We start with the quarterbacks; how chalky is Caleb Williams, who goes immediately after him, and which quarterback do the Patriots take at #3?  We look at Sam Basel's surprising pick for the Cardinals at #4, and we see how far Marvin Harrison Jr. can slip before being snatched up.  We sort out where different quarterbacks will fall, debate what powerhouse team Georgia tight end Brock Bowers will end up on, and find the top cornerbacks and linemen their homes.  After the draft, we break down which teams are candidates to trade their picks and debate if the Texans or Panthers (without a first-round pick) try to get back into the first 32 picks.  We close with breaking some news on Kentucky's search for a head basketball coach.


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