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The BBB x SSBT House Parlay - MLB Picks plus Podcast

The House Enterprise collab you've been waiting for. Our guys at “Small State Big Takes” join the show! It’s been over a year since Mike Gilligan and Oliver Martel hopped on our show to talk college hoops back on Episode 43, and now Stephen O. Scott joins in on the fun. The guys start off with baseball, and SSBT is not happy about the Red Sox’ season so far. Where do the problems begin, and how do they get solved? Where will Xander Bogaerts end up? Who should be the closer? We move to the Yankees, where two big questions stand out: does Aaron Judge stick around, and is it World Series or bust? We finish with NBA talk: everything from the Celtics and trading Russell Westbrook to the Knicks, to a potential LeBron swap to Oklahoma City.

This crew, especially Olly1Unit, are nice in the gambling world. We make our House Parlay for baseball picks this week, and although it’s a long shot, we’re all in.

This was a fun episode. Just straight banter about baseball and life with the fellas. Listen to a full hour of uninterrupted collaboration from the House.


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