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The Bizarre & Unexplained Disappearance of Bryce Laspisa

This week we’re jumping into another Kelsie Unsolved this week and for this episode, it’s the most bizarre one yet. This is unlike any story we’ve ever heard and the longer it goes unsolved, the more puzzling it becomes.

A native of Illinois, Bryce Laspisa was 19 years old and was known as charming, charismatic, kind and artistically talented. He had bright red hair and knock out green eyes. Bryce was born to Karen and Michael Laspisa and had a sister. When Bryce graduated high school in 2012, his parents decided to move the family across the country to Laguna Niguel, California. In the following fall, Bryce attended Sierra College up in Rocklin, California majoring in Graphic and Industrial Design. The school was about 465 miles away from his family’s house in SoCo and though he was inexperienced in art, he was known to already have a very impressive portfolio.

Bryce seemed to really fit in well during his freshman year of college and adjusted to the new changed fairly easily. He made a number of friends right off the bat and began dating a girl named Kim Sly shortly into his first year. He and Kim had a great, strong relationship and there were no issues or problems that anyone knew about. Once his freshman year wrapped up, Bryce moved back home with his parents for the summer like any college kid would do.

His parents said that while he was home, he was in high spirits and there were no problems and nothing seemed off. Bryce even took an English class at a local college throughout the summer so that he could get a jump start on his credits to graduate early.

On August 26, 2013 the fall semester began back up at Sierra College. Bryce was now living with his best friend Shawn. On this day, Bryce attended both a speech class and web design class and called his mom that night to tell her he loved her and that his first day went well.

However, those closest to Bryce and were seeing him on an everyday basis began to notice some strange behavior and started to worry about him. Everyone seemed to agree that Bryce had been acting exceptionally odd and had developed almost a numb-like personality. He seemed to be disconnected from those around him as well as life in general. He became acting almost unstable.

Prior to this, Bryce had never been a troubled teenager. He didn’t have any behavioral challenges and his history with drugs and alcohol were pretty normal and PG for the American teenager. However, he did run into some trouble for underage drinking and it did get reported for having MDMA on him and this was on his record. Prior to college, he’d also never shown or indicated to any signs of having an addictive personality, but recently there had been a huge decline in his behavior with substance abuse. He was drinking every day, all day and through out the night. When his friends asked about this his response was a simple “I’m good, nothing’s wrong.” When Bryce’s girlfriend Kim really began digging into his substance use, she learned that Bryce was taking the ADHD drug Vyvanse recreationally, not prescribed.

The following Tuesday Bryce’s behavior took another strange turn. Kim knew that Bryce was drinking heavily, but she had a feeling that this went way deeper than just being “off” or just being alcohol consumption. She again began pushing and learned that Bryce was taking Vyvanse daily and drinking all day and all night, while also not sleeping. It was also learned that Bryce was gifting people his most prized possessions such as a pair of diamond earrings his mom gave him and his x-box. He tried to give both of these to his roommate Shawn and said that Shawn would be better off having them as he no longer needed these. Bryce also began sending “I love you” and “I care about you” texts to everyone in his circle. These are strong signs of a suicide that might be shortly taking place.

To talk a little bit about Vyvanse and what it does, Vyvanse is an amphetamine-based narcotic and is a very powerful stimulant and the effects it has on a person can be equal to methamphetamine. It has become a famous drug on college campus’ and it essentially provides and energy boost that enabled the user to go without sleep for an extended period of time. Withdrawal symptoms to Vyvanse as well as taking the drug when it’s not prescribed include; shakiness, sweating, weakness, trouble sleeping, irritability, anxiety and depression.

Shawn became increasingly worried of Bryce’s strange behavior, and he too noticed the heavy drinking and drug use. He tried to talk to Bryce but Bryce had basically blocked him out, so Shawn decided to reach out and text Bryce’s mom, Karen. He told her that Bryce was acting really strange and he was nervous for him and his behavior. The following events take place over the course of three days, so that’s how fast what happens next unfolds.

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I’m your host, Kelsie, and remember to keep it spooky, funky and all things scary. See ya next Monday!

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