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The Bronx Tales: 8 of 9, 70 runs, and on pace for 119 wins. The Yankees are playing insane.


In case you missed it, the Yankees had quite the week. Streaming on crappy Wifi in Bermuda, I followed a long the best I could, but holy crap I didn't envision the offense to go parabolic.

As I said in the title, 8 wins and 70 runs, you couldn't have asked for anything better. The Tigers showed that they are yet again a disappointment. The Twins seem to be a first round exit. And the Cubs probably should've held onto Rizzo.

When the pitching wasn't all that there, the offense stepped up. When the offense was smashing in runs and clobbering homers, the pitching and defense held down the fort.

We learned one thing this week, and that is thanks to Katie Sharp Stats. The Yankees have the most comeback wins in MLB. The Yankees also have the fewest comeback losses in MLB. In simple terms, when you're watching a Yankee game right now you're watching the safest lead or the least safe lead in all of baseball. Holy shit that's cool. The Yankees are a team of winning this season.

My favorite win this week was against the Cubs. Not because of the 28 runs scored and three wins, but the fact that the Cubs Twitter account got put into a body bag.

Poor intern, but Twitter is not meant for the weak hearted.

This next stretch of games is telling. Tough opponents, AL East battles, and 20 straight in 20 days.

  • 3 vs. Rays

  • 3 @ Blue Jays

  • 3 @ Rays

  • 4 vs. Astros

  • 3 vs. Athletics

  • 1 @ Astros

  • 3 @ Guardians

Focusing just on the first four series (sorry Oakland and Cleveland), if they can walk away with 8-4, I'd be happy. 6-6 would be eh but still manageable. 10-2 would be balls to the wall. Creating the cushion this early would be more than ideal. They can give some guys a break, test out some new things, but also start retooling and prepping for October. I dove into that a little bit on SSBT last night.

The tough stretch starts tonight, however. Gerrit Cole on the bump looking to come out of the gets reprising the dud against the Twins where he let up 5 homers. The opposing pitcher is a familiar face, Corey Kluber. It's an AL East Rivalry Matchup, time to go to work!


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