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The Bronx Tales: A much needed Red Sox sweep, while the Rays & Jays battling it out helps the Yanks



Two big wins filled with a lot of great moments. 10K night for Gerrit Cole. Great offense from Judge, Gleyber, and Marwin. Extra Inning win. 5 strong from Nestor. Clarke Schmidt looks sharp. All is well in the Yankees world.

I am so glad the Yanks don't have to play in Fenway this postseason. Not afraid, just stating the facts. Cole is not made for this park. Clay Holmes and Jonathan Loáisiga don't do that well here either. Luckily, the Sox sit in last place, even though "Yankee Sucks" chants were present both nights.

But on the flipside, there were roars of MVP chants for Aaron Judge that echoed the stands both nights, and rightfully so. I don't want to talk about Red Sox fans thinking about the Judge photo as a teen, and how he didn't shut down signing there. Worry about retaining Xander and keeping Devers happy.

Nonetheless, Aaron Judge is the catalyst that keeps the engine running. 2 massive homers in Boston, plus the mind boggling stats. He is playing at another level.

They may be in last place, but it's never easy against the rival. We'll catch them next weekend, and hopefully they keep the momentum going. Checking in on the AL East, the Rays and Blue Jays have been duking it out, with Toronto taking over the 2nd place spot. That puts the Yanks at 6 games up after 4 straight wins and now it's onto the Milwaukee.

Three games against a Brewers team that let the NL Central fall out of their hands. They sit 1.5 games back out of the wild card, tailing the Padres and Phillies (who are +2 in the standings). Big series again, Magic Number is 14. Let's go to work.


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