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The Bronx Tales: A split in Beantown


Coming into an anticipated series, especially with how the season's played out, this matchup between the Yankees and Red Sox were crucial. The two teams haven't seen each other April, and a lot has unfolded since then.

The Yankees obviously have been on a tyrant, while the Sox have fluctuated from 5th to 2nd and everything in between.

Winning two against your rivals and baseball's best before the All-Star break is a big confidence boost. But friendly reminder Sox Fans, you still have A LOT of ground to cover, especially now that Baltimore has turned on the jets.

But I won't make excuses. The back-to-back losses were inexcusable, especially with leads. I've said this since the very first weekend of this season. No matter how good the Yankees are and how bad the Red Sox are, you can never count out Boston, and the rivalry will always produce a good game.

This weekend showed both sides of that statement.

Gerrit Cole pitched a great first game, if he didn't pitch to Rafael Devers. 3 Hits, 0 Runs, 3 walks, 7 strikeouts, in 6 innings. Add the All-Star into the stat line and you add 2 more hits and 5 runs, all coming from homers.

A 12 run surge in the second game came from RBI's by the whole squad, even though Nestor let up four runs.

The later two resulted in Jeter Down's first MLB hit and RBI right in the face of his favorite team, and of course a meltdown of a 6-2 lead. What makes things sting for me is that fact that I snagged tickets in the game that resulted in a 10th inning dump right in the face. Brutal.

I hate to say that I love Fenway. It's rich with history, the vibes from both fandoms are apparent and friendly here (even with the copious amounts of Yankees Suck chants), and the atmosphere inside and out of the ballpark is top notch.

I am not going to lose sleep over two losses, but there are a few factors that are worth noting.

  • Red Sox rolled out a lineups without key guys Rafael Devers and any notable starting pitching. If and when they get healthy, they cannot fold like they did.

  • You CANNOT lose with the lead and not fight back, that is not in the DNA of this team.

  • The bullpen and pitching as a whole has hit a slump. Hopefully additions are made and things go back to normal.

  • Gallo and IKF showed promise, but not championship contending promise.

The AL East still runs through the Bronx, but they can't get complacent with a 14 game cushion.

In other news, the Yankees have a league leading 6 players heading off to LA for a midsummer classic. Aaron Judge got the auto-bid start for leading the votes in the AL. Giancarlo Stanton earns his first All-Star nod since 2017, and he'll be playing adjacent to his home team star. Joining them includes Nasty Nestor Cortes, Gerrit Cole, Clay Holmes, and Jose Trevino. Major. Incredible pick ups by Cashman securing two no-names to now stars in the league with Trevy and Clay. Hopefully Mike King, Gleyber, and Rizzo can make it up as replacements this week.

Up next is a break. A day off today is much needed before a homestand against the Reds. I can't wait for the Votto-Carpenter interactions. Big time thank you to the legend for his excellence and insight on improving Carpenter's swing. After three games, it's another series against Boston.


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