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The Bronx Tales: Early season notes after winning 7 of the last 8.

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Don't look now but the Yankees are one of the hottest teams in baseball and are on top at the AL East. It's been smiles and happiness with the Yankees stretch of wins. 2 series sweeps and 7 wins, they are now comfortably at the top posting a 13-6 record.

From the fans perspective, specifically mine, the past few series have been a lot to follow. Watching on my phone and in between work, prepping content and getting ready for the NFL draft, but spring baseball is the time to get back into the swing of things.

There has been some incredible moments, like Rizzo's three homer game, three 10+ run bashes this past week, and Judge's birthday bomb. But also some not so great ones, such as Miggy's 3k hit debacle (that was the right baseball call) and the fan misconduct against the Guardians.

Now I am PUMPED that the Yankees have been enjoyable this start of the season, let alone the past few series, but is it all smoke?

The O's, Tigers, and Guardians have a combined record of 19-37, none of who have over ten wins. Again it's ear On the other end, that has to be the expectation from this team. Battle it out with the good teams, and make sure the not so good ones are taken care of. It happened last season against Baltimore. The Yankees did not capitalize on those games and they paid the consequences in the fall.

All-in-all, the Yankees look good for now, let's hope the momentum carries into May.

My early season notes

  • The offense has woken up and are on the top of the table in all of the MLB. T-2nd in Homeruns (25), 3rd in Slugging (.415), T-5th in OPS (.735) 8th in Avg. (.246) and hits (154), 9th in runs (85).

  • The top of the lineup (Rizzo, Judge, Stanton, DJLM, Donaldson, and Gallo) tickle my fancy. They have a combined .250 average and .788 OPS, including 57 RBI's, 22 home runs, 100 hits. And that doesn't take into account Hicks, Torres, and IKF when hot.

  • Pitching Staff is LIGHTS OUT. 1st in AL in ERA (2.92), Strikeouts (187) and Wins (13). 2nd in K/9 Rate (9.82) and BAA (.215).

  • Depth has been ideal. The bench of Torres, Marwin, Higgy/Trevino, and TLo is the perfect combination of defensive specialists, speed, and offensive power when needed.

  • Mike King will be an All-Star. 0.69 ERA (nice) and 20 strikeouts. He has been phenomenal.

  • Concerns over Chapman have quickly silenced. He's posting a 0 ERA in 9 games with 11Ks.

  • Boone has managed the lineup and bullpen gracefully, an area I was worried about after last season.

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