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The Bronx Tales: Josh Donaldson, have yourself a pinstripe moment. The Yankees are back.


Rain Delay. Down Three. Extra Innings.

All eyes and all doubts.

The Bringer of Rain at bat.

Josh Donaldson.

A walks off in Grand Slam form.

Are you even kidding me?!

We were a swing away from being swept, and to be honest, I don't even remember those other losses after last night. It seems that every season is a roller coaster of a season, but recently, that testament couldn't be more true.

3-11 in the month of August. Pitching has been letting up the runs. The offense hasn't been producing squat.

A game like this changes the narrative going forward. Not only did the Yankees needed this win, but Donaldson needed this moment. He's been on the hot seat, as has others on the team. Look at his pure emotion he shares with Torres. The Yankees are back.

If this isn't a swing of emotions and a mood changer of the remainder of the season, I don't know what is. A win like that makes me re-envision the World Series DVD. This team can come together and bounce back.

The kids have been called up. Stanton is coming back. The Yankees are coming back. Let's go...

Onto the Blue Jays series.


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