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The Bronx Tales: Off-season came and went, spring training sprung, and now it's time for Opening Day

Welcome to The Bronx Tales. My season long recap and review of your 2022 New York Yankees.

Our guy Basel had the idea to create this journal for our respective teams, and I was all aboard. You're going to get the same Yankee commentary as last year but more from the fan perspective. All of the emotions. All of the information. All of the excitement.

Opening Day is upon us and here are my thoughts from this offseason and spring training. Happy reading and let's go Yanks!


An emotional offseason

No Carlos Correa. No Freddie Freeman. No Scherzer, Olson, Schawrber. Nope.

The surprise of the decade was Josh Donaldson heading to the Yankees. Random trade, but they added IKF and a defensive catcher. Adios Gio and Gary, which was wild, but for days I was at a loss for words. Looking at it now, I am okay with the moves. Defensively, it is a solid unit. Give me a week or so before I fall in love or be enraged with anger.

I already penned my knee jerk reaction after the offseason.

Spring Training wasn't the easiest thing to follow

I would say that my Yankees fandom probably is at the top of my personal hierarchy of sports, but with House Enterprise's dedication to March Madness with College Hoops Digest, it wasn't my highest priority.

I caught a few games to see what Boone was going to cook up. Gleybar is going to be the backup shortstop, which isn't ideal, but Stanton should be playing a ton of outfield, which I love. I also am all aboard Judge and Gallo getting some centerfield time.

I HATE the three man bench, but I get it for now because of the quick spring training turnaround. Marwin Gonzalez made the team which could be a lowkey steal of an add. But having a backup catcher (Trevino), DJ/Torres, and Marwin, it limits the lineup.

Time will tell...

The term Bronx Bombers is back like never before...

I am a sucker for the term Bronx Bombers. I love when the team gets on a hitting parade and goes crazy. It gets the people going. Yanks were tied for 6th last year with 222, and I was hyped when the had over 300 in 2019. This spring, the crown goes to Kyle Higashioka, the home run stroka! Our new starting catcher smashed 7 homers for spring training behind the teams 31. Players on the Opening Day had 28. Not bad!

Opening Day - The Rivalry and Wild Card Rematch

Well what a mood kill that was. I was ready to have myself a day. Waking up, mentally preparing to watch Tiger tee off the Masters at 10:30 and parlaying that with Yankees Opening Day. It was going to be sweet, but alas another tease. Kind of reminds me of the COVID Opening Day against the Nats. The shiny new toy Gerrit Cole was kicking off his Yankees debut, and the game got rained out after a few innings. Either way, it'll be a nice Friday night. Anytime you get these two together it's going to be a helluva game. Evoldi is on the bump for the Sox, and he will always be the bane of the Yankees ever since Cash released him. But it doesn't matter.

Cole is going to be on a huge F-U tour after last season. Judge, waiting on a well deserved extension, is going to put up MVP numbers mark my word. The team has talent, it wasn't the sexiest offseason, but the team has talent.

My prediction? Yankees 5, Red Sox 2.

It's time to wipe last season from our memory. It's time to be the God Damn New York Yankees. It's time to get HYPED...

Chase for 28 begins Friday, let's go to work.

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