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The Bronx Tales: The Baby Bombers were a somewhat failure. Now, it's time for a new era. "The Kids".

For us late twenty year old Yankee fans, we heard just missed the golden age of the Yankees and their late 90's-early 2000's run. We grew up idolizing the "Core Four", and were fortunate enough to witness the greatest infield ever assembled (yes, Tex-Cano-Jeter-ARod was elite). The mid 2010's retool created a new era for the Bronx, the "Baby Bombers". Aaron Judge, Greg Bird, Gleyber Torres, Miguel Andújar, Gary Sánchez, and Luis Severino. A talented and high potential core that was supposed to deceiver. Each had their moments, and had fairly strong rookie and young careers, but at the end of the day, it was an era of let down.

Miguel Andujar was an American League Rookie of the Year candidate, but he's defense got him off the team. Greg Bird provided electric homeruns back in the 2017 playoff run, now he plays for the Quebec Capitals after a handful of minor league stings. Gary Sanchez was a homerun machine, but was inconsistent both behind and at the plate. Luis Severino could have some juice left, but he hasn't been the same. Gleyber Torres could be extended, but also could be a new era casualty, he has been the most consistent bat on the team and does boast a couple of All-Star nods. The only true success story is the new Captain and the reigning MVP, but even Judge still needs to bring a ring back to the Bronx.

With this season now a wash, the Yankees have done the unthinkable. They are letting the kids play.

We have the potential to see a lineup with the Martian and the Captain. The kids in the infield, Wellsy behind the plate. It's truly something special. This is the opportunity to see if the prospects worth holding on to are the future of the organization. I couldn't be more pumped. The new era is here, get ready for "The Kids"!


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