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The Bronx Tales: The trade deadline that will alter the course for the Yankees World Series odds.


August 2nd. The trade deadline, a day every Yankee fan should have marked on the calendar. This next week is going to be a doozy around the league and the Yankees won't be the only ones trying add the biggest names around the league. I anticipate the entire AL East to be buyers. The Dodgers and Mets will obviously be big spenders. Then of course their are the Astros, Twins, Braves, Brews, Cardinals, Padres, and Giants who will probably add a name or two.

A small list, right?

This must be the biggest deadline in recent times for the Yankees. When you are the best team in baseball, with a comfortable lead in your own division, you have to resupply the calvary. If you look in recent years past, New York added some decent names when they were in the mix for the playoffs.

Here is what the team looked like and added by the time the deadline rolled around

  • 2021 (56-49, 3rd in AL East): OF Joey Gallo (Rangers), LHP Andrew Heaney (Angels), RHP Clay Holmes (Pirates), 1B Anthony Rizzo (Cubs), LHP Joely Rodríguez (Rangers)

  • 2018 (68-39, 2nd in AL East): P Zack Britton (Orioles), P JA Happ (Blue Jays), 1B Luke Voit (Cardinals), P Lance Lynn (Twins)

  • 2017 (57-49 2nd in AL East): P Sonny Gray (Athletics), P Jaime Garcia (Twins), 3B Todd Frazier (White Sox), P David Robertson (White Sox), P Tommy Kahnle (White Sox), 1B Garrett Cooper (Brewers).

The common theme? They weren't in the position they are today with a 12 game lead of the AL East. If they added big the past couple years, they need to add like they haven't before to ensure victory come October.

The regression is settling in, and the Yankees are seemingly complacent with their comfortable cushion of a lead. The Yankees are 5-8 in their last 13 games, and 17-15 in their last 32. Not ideal, but still ahead of the pack. So what are their biggest needs to get them back on a safe track?

  • Outfielder who can hit

  • Bullpen depth

  • Additional Starting Pitcher

  • Defensive Shortstop

  • More Firepower, preferably left handed

Kind of a lengthier list for baseball's best, but that could also be me as an anxious fan. Now reinforcements are coming. Zack Britton and Miguel Castro should be back in August, same with Luis Severino. Is that enough? I don't think so. The Yankees should probably address these needs via the deadline, and below are all the names that the Yanks have been linked to.



  • Bryan Reynolds (Pirates)

  • Andrew Benintendi (Royals)

  • Ian Happ (Cubs)

  • Michael A. Taylor (Royals)

  • Whit Merrifield (Royals)

  • David Peralta (Diamondbacks)

  • Cole Calhoun (Rangers)

  • Austin Meadows (Tigers)

  • Tyler Naquin (Reds)

Bullpen Depth

  • David Robertson (Cubs)

  • Gregory Soto (Tigers)

  • Daniel Bard (Rockies)

  • David Bednar (Pirates)

  • Michael Fulmer (Tigers)

  • Ian Kennedy (Diamondbacks)

  • David Bednar (Pirates)

  • Amir Garrett (Royals)

  • Mark Melancon (Diamondbacks)

Starting Pitching

  • Frankie Montas (Athletics)

  • Luis Castillo (Reds)

  • Martin Perez (Rangers)

  • Jose Quintana (Pirates)

  • Zach Davies (Diamondbacks)

  • Kyle Hendricks (Cubs)

  • Pablo Lopez (Marlins)

Shortstop Depth

  • Jose Iglesias (Rockies)

  • Miguel Rojas (Marlins)

Plenty of options that are on the rumor trail. Who knows who will be available and who the Yankees are willing to trade for. As I prefaced in the beginning of the post, the Yankees need to make a splash, and here is my dream list and what is the most realistic list.

My Dream List

  • SP Martin Perez

  • SP Luis Castillo

  • OF Brian Reynolds

  • RP David Robertson

  • RP Gregory Soto

  • C Wilson Contreras (snuck this one in here)

The Realistic List

  • SP Frankie Montas

  • RP David Robertson

  • RP Daniel Bard

  • OF Ian Happ

  • OF Andrew Benintendi

Castillo is arguably the best starting pitcher available and he’s under team control through next season. Bard ranks fourth in the NL with 13 saves in 15 opportunities with a 2.05 ERA in 25 appearances. The Robertson reunion makes the most sense, with hopes of getting him his second Yankees ring. He has a 1.59 ERA with 32 strikeouts in 22 2/3 innings and seven saves in nine opportunities.

Benintendi would be the perfect rental and the perfect f-u to Sox fans. He’s the best defensive left fielder in the AL and has hit over .300 all season. Ian Happ offers stability through next season and is versatile player with speed and power.


What about Juan Soto?

I obviously would be remised if I didn't include the National superstar. Our writer, Chris Hanold, and I collaborated on a piece about how the cross-town rivals could both land his services. The reason I included him last is that I am not sure when the Nat's will trade him or if they even do so.

If they do, the Yankees absolutely need to trade for him. It can't be about prospect hugging, and it can't be about the money he's due in 2025. Generational talents like this do not become avaible every day.

If the Nationals want to talk shop, Cashman needs to put his hammer on the table and get to work. This would be a major propellent of not only trying to win this years World Series, but championships to come with this window of opportunity.


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