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The Bronx Tales: Was there ever any doubt? Aaron Judge is your MVP. Now it's time to resign the man.

62 Home Runs and AL/League Leader All-Star

Silver Slugger

Hank Aaron Award

And now AL MVP

I wish a ring was on his 2022 accolade list, but it is what it is. Aaron Judge is your AL MVP, and was there ever any doubt? This will be a story for the ages and the headline that will follow anyone ever saying "know your worth". To do what Judge did in a contract year is incredible. He bet on himself and it's going to pay dividends.

28 out of the 30 votes, and no better person to announce it then Giancarlo Stanton. Ohtani is incredible, but Aaron Judge was meant to have this award. He was the reason the Yankees were the team they were.

What a year for Aaron Judge, and as fans, it was incredible to watch. But the job isn't done yet. 8 Years, $300 Million. Slap the C on his chest, build a winning franchise around him and go get a World Series. Time to go to work Cash.



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