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"The Captain" Recap - Episode 2 -Loyalty One Way

"Jeter was neve chasing stardom, he was chasing success in regards to winning "- Gerald Williams, Yankees Outfielder 1992-1996, 2001-2002

The 2nd episode began with Jeter's rookie season. I don't think people realize that if Tony Fernandez didn't break his arm, Jeter wouldn't have started the 1996 season as the Opening Day shortstop. The Yankees almost sent Mariano Rivera to Seattle for Felix Fermin and put Derek Jeter back in Triple A.

This episode dived into the hiring of Joe Torre, the early skepticism of Jeter's ability, and then creation of the early dynasty. 2 Championships in 3 years. How Daryl Strawberry fired up the team via a brawl, and how he made sure Jeter kept his nose clean during the nightlife. It also showed how Jeter became a super-star overnight.

But the most important aspect of the episode, which only scratched the surface of the story, was the early relationship of Jeter and Alex Rodriguez. The two met after meeting at a college baseball game the year Rodriguez entered the MLB draft. That blossomed into a friendship, and even a brotherhood. They were thick as thieves, until they weren't?

Things took a turn over a sports illustrated cover. Derek Jeter was standing “over” Alex Rodriguez, even though ARod felt he was better. It later transpired over an interview with Esquire, where Rodriguez commented about Jeter’s leadership abilities. He also talked about how he had talent around him and didn't have to be "the guy" when hitting 2nd. I don't know why ARod would go there, like it isn't necessary, but it happened.

I'm surprised how much was shared from both perspectives early on, and hopefully we'll find out more in the next bunch of episodes.

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