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"The Captain" Recap: Episode 3 - I Don't Have to Be Your Best Friend

A season like this year, where both the Mets and Yankees are at the top of the table, has parallels to the 2000 World Series, and one of the main areas of focus in the 3rd episode of "The Captain"

It was the World Series that solidified the dynasty, marking their 4th Championship in 5 years and the third straight for the Yanks. It also capped off a remarkable season for Jeter. He batted a team-best .339 in the 2000 regular season and added 15 home runs, 73 RBIs, 119 runs scored, and 22 stolen bases. In the 2000 MLB All-Star Game, where he became the MVP, he recorded three hits, including a two-run single that gave his team the lead and victory. It all ended in five games of the Subway World Series, where he also won that MVP award, after he batted .409 with 9 hits, 2 homers, and a triple.

"But it was just the Mets", Jeter said a few times on the episode, and in it's entirety, we got that feeling. Supposedly the furniture in Shea Stadium was pretty low quality during that World Series, so Steinbrenner brought in some nice furniture for the Yanks to make sure they were comfortable.

Some things that stood out to me in Episode 3.

  • The ARod situation shouldn't have blown out of proportion. It was egotistical and I felt it was pot stirred by New York Times writer, Alan Schawrz. After an apology, he then went on the Dan Patrick show and it got worse. He tried to diminish his work.

  • Jeter knew he wasn't statically better than ARod, but he knew he was a better competitor and better winner. From their, the loyalty was lost. I am curious how they unfold the dialogue when they became teammates.

  • It's crazy how the perception changed of Roger Clemens on the Blue Jays, to him being traded to the Yankees. Everyone hated playing against him, but loved having him on their side. Also, Clemens was a straight shooting badass, and I liked how they showcased his personality on the doc.

  • I've enjoyed hearing from guys like Jack Curry and Buster Onley.

  • It was funny how Nomar Garciaparra thought the Yankees weren't that good.

  • Future Yankee Eric Chavez poked the bear with his comments on how the A's are gonna beat down on the Yankees. That kept the dynasty alive and thriving.

  • I miss the young Cashman with The Boss's money, and the eagerness of never being satisfied. The dynasty was truly a collection of talent with a perfectly crafted rosters of winners.


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