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The College Hoops Digest Gambling Show: S1V4 - Week of February 1st, 2022

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Welcome on back to the CHD Gambling Show! Four weeks in and we're coming in hot. Here are the updated standings and 'Gambler of the Month'.

  1. Will Tondo (15-6) - Gambler of the Month January

  2. Sam Basel (8-6)

  3. Jake Zimmer (11-8)

  4. Josh Adams (11-9)

Solid crew joining us this we, the OG 4 is joined by one of the newest House Enterprise member, Oliver Martel of Small State Big Takes. Matt Craig from Connecticut called into the show and dropped some picks. We will now be including listener picks in the spread. If you missed the Spaces, here's the podcast form below.


Week 4 Picks

Week 3 Results


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