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The iPhone 13, incoming! What's new and all of the highlights from today's Apple Event

It's that time of the year again! The cold crisp autumn air, the fall foliage, Tim Cook behind a beautiful backdrop, and a new iPhone. The fall classic

In an empty auditorium, but millions tuned in through their own iPhones, the tech-empire innovator and CEO revealed to the world Apple's latest additions to their product suite. First up, the iPhone 13. First up, the base model. The predecessor of the 12, the battery life is supposed to receive a major bump and the camera has a cinematic quality. The price point seems to be fair, ranging from $700 and $800 bucks, the iPhone 13.

If you're feeling frisky, and want the upgraded model, the Pro-Series might interest you. The 13 and Pro Max, have a 1.5 and 2.5 hour (respectively) longer battery life. The price reflects that, raising the range between $999 and $1,099. It also includes up to 1TB more in storing options. Oh, and its camera, is supposed to be the best yet. Content Creators rejoice.

For the readers, artists, and other consumers, the newest iPad was revealed as well. It's 20% faster and sleeker than the previous model, the full-size iPad costs $329 for 64GB storage. They also have a similar capacity iPad in mini form. Google is being put on notice, as Apple claims the iPad's are 3x faster than the Chromebook. The company also shared the Series-7 Apple Watch, costing $400, and featuring a wider screen and faster speed.

Photos: AppleEvent

In the stock market world, $AAPL is down just shy a percent after the event. Yahoo Finance and others report that Apple shares have fallen an average of 0.8% the day of a debut (excluding Steve Jobs's release of the first iPhone in 2007). The iPhone accounted for nearly half of Apple’s revenue in its last fiscal quarter. Expect a push once the pre-orders roll in.

Photo: GoogleFinance

With all that being said, are you going to buy the latest Apple products or sticking with their stock?

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